About Us

Our company Ippos-Shop opened the doors on 29.04.2009 in Ioannina.

We are active in the following departments:

- with a shop for rider, horse and stable, in Ioannina, Zalokosta str. 11

45500 in Neochoropoulo

- An online shop at www.ippos-shop.gr and www.ippos-shop.com

- Horse transport

- Farrier and hoof work of horses

The basis of this company is the "building" of a long-standing relationship, from a man and his love for


This man is me, Lambros Kaskanis, born on 08-05-1967 in Krefeld, Germany.

However, I grew up in Greece and my grandfather Giannis showed me the special and deep love for

the horse.

The horses were always huge and imposing in front of me, but majestic and dreamy in my


My grandfather brought me to horses with his own passion, into another world.

He showed me this world, so that this attachment to horses did not pass in the later years of my life.

His advice and words were remembered.

... a horse is not only an animal, a horse is your friend and your work partner, this I remember from my


At the age of 22, I returned to Germany. Ηorses everywhere! For many years I have held several

seminars, ridden a lot, have worked out some signs and also drive the carriage.

But I had the feeling that I was always missing something. Because there was always something new

to learn about horses.

Well, I put everything on a map, gave up my job to study in the Dillenburg, Hessisches Landgestüt

and learn everything about the horse.

Above all, I thank, up to this day, all the teachers who have given me the chance to have this great

experience in this beautiful place. ,

... a horse is not only an animal, a horse is your companion and sports companion, this sentence will be

remembered by my teachers ...

I was taught in expertise, horseback riding, lunging, nutrition, driving and horse transport.

I successfully completed the above exams and finished this cycle of my life.

At the same time, I completed the theoretical and practical training as a farrier and then worked

there for six months to gain professional experience.

This closes a big gap in my life

Due to family reasons in 2009, it took me back to Greece.

But how do I earn my living in Greece?

I did not think for long. the horses that make me happy, and there is nothing better about turning

your hobby into a job.

So everything started with the slogan:

«... with knowledge and experience for you and for your horse».

My dream came true and my own business Ippos-Shop was born.

Yours sincerely...