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CANIPUR - arthrofit contains as feed supplement a unique blend of nutritive and active ingredients that regenerate and protect the whole locomotive system of the dog.

In the locomotive system of a dog, the joints with their cartilage and surrounding connective tissues as well as the spine are placed under great stress.

In order to meet these requirements and to prevent disorders due to malnutrition, overstraining, disease (e.g. arthrosis, hip dysplasia, dachshund paralysis)

or the natural ageing process, the canine organism should be provided with a special combination of nutrients

and active agents which have a protective and regenerating effect on the tissues of the locomotive system.

A combination of mussel concentrate, trace elements and vitamins can meet these requirements, resulting in improved overall suppleness and condition,

an increase in elasticity and stability of the spine, and increased regeneration capacity and stress tolerance of the joints.

Analytical constituents

Crude protein: 21,7 %

Crude fat: 7,6 %

Crude fibre: 4,6 %

Crude ash: 18,0 %

Sulphur: 2,6 %

Sodium: 1,1 %

Omega-3 fatty acids: 2,8 %


Feed additives per kg Nutritional additives        

Vitamin C: 16.000 mg

Vitamin E: 16.000 mg

Iron : 8.300 mg

Zinc : 8.300 mg

Manganese: 6.700 mg

Copper: 1.300 mg

Selenium: 17 mg

Iodine: 7 mg

L-methionine: 10.000 mg

Technological additives  

Kieselgur: 30.000 mg

3b106 Ferrous-(II)-chelate of amino acids hydrate, 3b201 Potassium iodide, 3b406 Cupric-(II)-chelate of amino acids hydrate,

3b504 Manganese chelate of amino acids hydrate, 3b607 zinc chelate of glycine hydrate,

3b812 Selenised yeast produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3399 (inactivated).


Mussel concentrate 20.0 %, devil’s claw 15.0 %, herbal mixture (willow bark, birch, arnica, stinging nettle, chamomile),

chondroitin sulphate 10.0 %, methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM) 6.0 %, glucosamine 5.0 %, linseed, ginger, linseed oil, hyaluronic acid 0.4 %.

Instructions for proper use

Small dogs ( 4-15 kg): 1-4 g per day

Medium dogs (16-39 kg): 4-8 g per day

Large dogs (40-80 kg): 8-16 g per day

given with the feed.

Due to the increased content of trace elements daily ration should not be more than doubled.

Feeding for a longer period or the whole year round does not pose any problems and will be beneficial. 

Feeding period

For maximum effectiveness, the product should be applied at least three weeks.

Feeding for a longer period does not pose any problems and will be beneficial.

General findings of nutritional science

Glycosaminoglycans - are a major constituent of the connective tissue which is made up of sinews and synovial sheaths, the tendons, the joint capsules and cartilage as well as the joint fluid (synovia).

The ground substance of the connective tissue with the glycosaminoglycans it contains bears the maximum stress this tissue can take.

This substance also functions as a carrier medium for nutrients and waste products, exchanging them between the connective tissue cells and the blood stream.

When glycosaminoglycan concentrations decrease due to injury, chronic damage (e.g. arthrosis, hip dysplasia, dachshund paralysis),

excessive strain or the natural ageing process, this function can no longer be carried out.

This results in a lack of stability as well as decreased regenerative capacity of joints, cartilage, tendons and sinews.

Unsaturated, essential fatty acids - as the omega-3 fatty acids - decrease susceptibility to inflammations and allergenic reactions, and increase elasticity and

stress resistance of joints, tendons, sinews and muscles, which promotes more rapid recovery from the effects of pathogenic disorders.

Since the canine organism cannot store unsaturated essential fatty acids, they need to be ingested with the feed on a daily basis.

Manganese and iron - are needed to support collagen formation.

Vitamin E and trace elements - maintain stability as well as the breaking strength of collagen fibres. They also optimise muscle metabolism.

Herbs - such as pansy, hay seed, willow bark, horned rampion or bittersweet - and the active agents contained in them regulate connective tissue metabolism.

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CANIPUR - arthrofit

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