Intense physical activity and sweating may lead to a loss of important nutrients.

Waldhausen Electrolyte restores the horse"s mineral balance averting possible problems and supports rapid regeneration.

Horse grooming products and feed supplements - premium quality made in Germany

A wide range of products for high quality horse- and leathercare as well as feed supplements

Developed, tried and tested over years. The latest findings from nature, science and technology go into the development of our products.

The grooming and feed supplements are only produced by experienced and recognised producers on our behalf under strict quality control.

Our products have established themselves in the equestrian field through collaboration with World and European Champions as well as Olympic gold medallists and many competition and leisure riders. Our experience and our name guarantee high quality.

Composition: dextrose 40%, sodium chloride 12%, potassium chloride 12%,

calcium carbonate 5%, magnesium oxide 6%

Components by analysis: raw protein 0.0%, unrefined fat 0.0%, raw fiber 0.0%, crude ash 50%, sodium 13.5%, magnesium 1%,

calcium 1%, potassium 6.5%, chlorine 27%

Additives per kg: nutritional physiological additives: vitamin C 1 000 mg

To offset electrolytes lost due to excessive sweating

Large horse (600 kg) 50 g - 100 g daily

Small horses 30 g - 60 g daily

Recommended feeding period: 1 - 3 days 

Water should be freely available. It is recommended that you seek professional advice before feeding.

To stabilise water and electrolyte balance when there is a risk of, during or after, digestive problems (diarrhoea)

Foals 50 g - 100 g daily

Recommended feeding period: 1 - 7 days (1 - 3 days when fed on its own) 

It is recommended that veterinary advice is sought before feeding.

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