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CANIPUR - arthrofit

ApplicationCANIPUR - arthrofit contains as feed supplement a unique blend of nutritive and active in..

36.85€ Ex Tax: 29.72€

CANIPUR - carotin

CANIPUR - carotin is a feed supplement containing highly concentrated skin protecting vitamins and p..

20.90€ Ex Tax: 16.85€

CANIPUR - fertil

CANIPUR - fertil is a feed supplement containing the vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino ac..

27.80€ Ex Tax: 22.42€

CANIPUR - gravid

CANIPUR - gravid is a feed supplement which guarantees comprehensive and well-balanced nutrient supp..

27.50€ Ex Tax: 22.18€

CANIPUR - multibiotin

CANIPUR - multibiotin increases epidermal elasticity and resistance, strengthens and protects the co..

36.85€ Ex Tax: 29.72€

EquiPower - Atemwegskräuter liquid

Liquid complementary feed for horsesStrengthening of respiratory organsSupport of defense strengthIm..

39.60€ Ex Tax: 31.94€

EquiPower - Bewegungskräuter liquid

-Liquid complementary feed for horses-Support of joint function-Strengthening of sinews and ligament..

34.50€ Ex Tax: 27.82€

EquiPower - Biotin liquid

Liquid complementary feed for horsesStrengthening the hoovesEnlivening the coatSmoothing the skinEqu..

44.95€ Ex Tax: 36.25€

EquiPower - Elektrolyt liquid

Liquid complementary feed for horsesBalance of electrolyte lossesProtection of vital substance requi..

22.95€ Ex Tax: 18.51€

EquiPower - Kühlgel

ApplicationEquiPower - Kühlgel is massaged into strained body parts.Avoid eye and mucous membrane co..

22.20€ Ex Tax: 17.90€

EquiPower - Probiotikum

Complementary feed for horsesOptimisation of gastro-intestinal functionStabilisation of gut floraSup..

39.00€ Ex Tax: 31.45€

EquiPower - Stoffwechselkräuter liquid

Liquid complementary feed for horses-Strengthening of liver function-Promotion of kidney function-St..

41.40€ Ex Tax: 33.39€

EQUIPUR - amino

With the essential amino acids Lysine, methionine, and threonine as well as calcium for a good muscl..

55.00€ Ex Tax: 44.35€

EQUIPUR - Biotin Plus

Dietetic Complementary feed for horsesThe optimum nutritional supply for hoof-horn, skin and coat.Ap..

76.95€ Ex Tax: 62.06€

EQUIPUR - Bronchialkräuter

Complementary feed for horsesNatural herbs support the entire bronchial system.ApplicationEQUIPUR - ..

39.00€ Ex Tax: 31.45€

EQUIPUR - calcin

Complementary feed for horsesRemedies calcium deficiencies and optimises bone structure.ApplicationE..

44.60€ Ex Tax: 35.97€

EQUIPUR - chevaloxin

ApplicationEQUIPUR - chevaloxin is effective for problems in the hoof area with its drying and prote..

20.75€ Ex Tax: 16.73€

EQUIPUR - corfit

Complementary feed for horsesHigh quality vital substances support the heart function and stabilize ..

61.35€ Ex Tax: 49.48€

EQUIPUR - dermaloxin forte

ApplicationEQUIPUR - dermaloxin forte should be applied to affected areas, several times daily as ne..

16.25€ Ex Tax: 13.10€

EQUIPUR - Energen Plus -12%

EQUIPUR - Energen Plus

Complementary feed for horsesFor the balance of energy deficiencies and the build-up of energy reser..

45.20€ 39.95€ Ex Tax: 32.22€

EQUIPUR - fohlen

Mineral feed for horsesThe combination of active substances for vital and harmonious growth in foal ..

49.40€ Ex Tax: 39.84€

EQUIPUR - gastral

Dietetic complementary feed for horsesSelected active agents protect the gastric mucosa.ApplicationE..

59.95€ Ex Tax: 48.35€

EQUIPUR - glykan

Complementary feed for horsesThe unique combination with mussel concentrate, chondroitin, glucosamin..

111.10€ Ex Tax: 89.60€

EQUIPUR - laminal

Dietetic complementary feed for horsesHigh quality vital substances for the special nutritional dema..

71.80€ Ex Tax: 57.90€