Horse Care

Horse Care
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6 Piece Grooming Set 8-12 Days
6 Piece Grooming Set 8-12 Days
Apply Med - Easy Wormer for Horses Out Of Stock

Apply Med - Easy Wormer for Horses

Dosing medicines and supplements is made more accurate and less stressful.Makes worming a pleasure e..

29.95€ Ex Tax: 24.15€

Black Hoof Balsam

-protects the hoof from bacteria-receives the suppleness-prevents drying out-includes care additives..

8.35€ Ex Tax: 6.73€

Body Brush - Horse Shoe

- plastic bristles- 17 x 7,5 cm..

6.25€ Ex Tax: 5.04€

Body brush -KBF99- 18,5 x 8,5 cm

- plastic bristles- antibacterial effect..

21.00€ Ex Tax: 16.94€

Brush 12 x 8 cm

- ergonomically shaped for ideal fit- plastic bristles..

4.20€ Ex Tax: 3.39€

Citronella Shampoo with Conditioner New

Citronella Shampoo with Conditioner

A special formula rich shampoo with natural Citronella essential oil.Equimins Citronella Horse Shamp..

13.75€ Ex Tax: 11.09€

Cleaning Glove

• featuring knobs on one side and hard bristles on the other• ideal for cleaning and massaging• 17 x..

4.20€ Ex Tax: 3.39€

Clipper Profi 220V, 350W 8-12 Days

Clipper Profi 220V, 350W

- clipper head- horse clippers- with screwdriver- cleaning brush- incl. 6 meter cable- quiet powerfu..

199.45€ Ex Tax: 160.85€

Clipper Profi battery Out Of Stock

Clipper Profi battery

- blades with 31/15 teeth, suitable for clean or sli- residual length of hair after clip ca. 2-3 mm-..

272.95€ Ex Tax: 220.12€

Clipper Profi battery 8-12 Days

Clipper Profi battery

- cleaning brush- including one extra battery- battery life ca. 60-90 min.- charging time approx. 2-..

62.95€ Ex Tax: 50.77€

Coat Shine Of Mane And Tail

- to spray, hair, tail, mane-be easy to comb, shiny, knot-freeApplication  - Let dry after..

21.00€ Ex Tax: 16.94€

Cool Gel Out Of Stock

Cool Gel

- Invigorating refreshing gel- with Camphor and Menthol- for the muscles and tendons of the horse- a..

24.10€ Ex Tax: 19.44€


The perfect fit ensures an ideal effectThe anatomically moulded part conforms to the horse"s throat ..

36.60€ Ex Tax: 29.52€

Curry-Comb GUMMI

with sturdy hand loop..

4.15€ Ex Tax: 3.35€

Dandy brush with long bristles -KBF99- 20 x 6 cm

- plastic bristles- antibacterial effect..

25.20€ Ex Tax: 20.32€