Polar Equine Pacer Ride GPS sports watch Schwarz + H10 station for equestrian sports

Polar Equine Pacer Ride GPS training computer with Equine H10 riding station for the heart rate measurement of your horse at distance riding, versatility, dressage and jumping riding

The Polar Equine Pacer Heart rate measuring device helps you track how effectively your horse trains.

It offers important performance functions such as the heart rate measurement of the horse, GPS-based speed, route and height measurement for training control during distance riding, versatility, dressage and jumping riding or gallop.

The Polar Equine H10 transmitter with Ride soft belt fits perfectly under the saddle, is comfortable and safe to wear and at the same time robust for daily use when riding.

The Polar Equine H10 transmitter with Ride soft belt can be used for all riding sports as well as occasional free training.

The most important information about the Polar Equine Pacer Ride GPS training computer

The Polar Equine Pacer GPS Ride provides you with important heart rate, stress and performance data for the monitoring of your horse while riding and gives you an upcoming feedback of the training according to the unit. In addition, the Pacer training computer determines speed, distance and height with the integrated GPS. Via the integrated Bluetooth Smart technology, the Pacer training computer communicates perfectly with the Polar Flow App and the Polar Flow Web Service and has a large transmission range up to 10m.

In the Polar online training diary Flow you can look at all the completed and upcoming training sessions and see what you have already achieved. Feedback and analysis can be made using a compatible smartphone via the wireless data transmission Bluetooth Smart. Plan, analyze and synchronize your training and simply get feedback on your activity on the go.

Please note that the Polar Pacer training computer was developed for humans. Some training functions of the device such as Nightly Recharge Recreation Analysis, Sleep Plus stages sleep tracking, Fitspark Daily training instructions, breathing exercise Serene, fitness test, running program, calorie meter, continuous heart rate measurement and activity measurement are not designed for use on horses.

This is how the measurement of the heart rate works when riding

The Equine H10 Ride SoftGurt transmitter with saddle attachment contained in the set perfectly measures the heart rate of your horse when riding, with versatility, dressage and jumping riding, race / gallop or occasionally free training.

The convenient equine soft belt transmitter is optimized for riding use of the shape and material thickness. The textile chest strap is simply folded over to the horse and sits perfectly under the saddle. The set includes two fortifications for the strap. The thin textile material and the flat belt clasp ensure that nothing rubs or presses when riding under the saddle or the strap. The profiled electrodes made of conductive silicone rubber prevent the belt from slipping even when rode faster.

In the middle of the soft belt sits - protected in a small bag with Velcro fastener - the Equine H10 Bluetooth transmission section. Via the integrated Bluetooth Smart technology, the H10 transmitter wirelessly transmits the heart rate data of your horse to the Polar Equine Pacer training computer on the rider's wrist.

The Bluetooth transmission excludes disorders of the measurement due to external influences and has a high range of up to 10m. The transmission part is absolutely waterproof and has an interchangeable battery with a lifespan of up to one year (with 20 hours of training a week)

The highlights of the Polar Equine Pacer Ride GPS training computer for riding use:

-Uncomplicated Equine training computer with integrated GPS and Bluetooth smart connectivity. High ease of use.

-Integrated GPS (GPS, Glonass, Galileo and QZSS) for the precise recording of your speed, distance, route and height.

-Integrated Bluetooth Smart LE for connectivity with many Android smartphones and iOS iPhones.

-Measurement of horses Heart rate via enclosed equine soft belt channels with integrated saddle electrodes.

-The Equine textile soft belt is optimized for riding use and occasional free training - including two saddle attachments.

The horse training functions of the Polar Equine Pacer Ride GPS training computer:

-EKG-accompanied heart rate measurement on the horse

-Time, date, alarm & different display ads

-5 sports zones including zone lock and zonepointer

-Tempo: always in view your riding speed.

-The previous riding duration always in view.

-Discount: Always in view of your distance covered.

-Stopwatch: Start/stop of various riding time measurements.

-Round time (for competitions): rounds can be recorded manually or automatically.

-Interval timer: defined phases of riding with high and low intensity.

-Integrated GPS for speed, distance, height, route (via flow web service)

-Weekly summaries (training, plans, courses)

-Comprehensive training analysis and training planning via Polar Flow Web Service and Polar Flow app

Design & Technik Highlights of the Polar Equine Pacer Ride GPS training computers:

-Improved high -speed processor.

-High ease of use.

-Light, sharp MIP color display in the resolution 240x240 pixels, optimal display contrast, always-on display with robust gorilla glass.

-Different display views can be selected

-Smart notifications: Stay up to date by notifications of your smartphone.

-Weather information (via smartphone connection)

-Sports profiles: The Polar Pacer supports over 130 sports. In Polar Flow you can add your favorite sports to your watch.

-Alarm, stopwatch, interval timer & countdownimer

-Music control (via smartphone connection)

-Fast charging and fast data transmission

-Detailed training analysis via Flow app and Flow Web Service.

-Independent software updates via PC USB connection or smartphone

-Light weight: only 40 grams with a bracelet

-Waterproof up to 50 m

-Long battery life

Bracelet sizes of the Polar Equine Pacer Ride GPS training computer:

Air -permeable and ergonomic sports bribe made of black silicone for maximum breathability - in two sizes

S + M/L (wrist scope 130–210 mm), both sizes included.

Belt length of the Polar Equine Textil SoftGurts for riding:

The Equine textile soft belt is elastic and can be stretched maximum up to 195cm

Technical data from the Polar Equine Pacer Ride GPS training computer:

-Display type: Always-on-color-color display with gorilla glass and anti-fingerprint coating

-Display resolution: 240 x 240 px

-Display operation: 5 side control buttons

-Display diameter: 45 mm / 1.2 inches

-Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 11.5 mm

-ACCURACTION: Up to 35 hours in training mode (GPS and pulse measurement on the wrist) or up to 7 days in watch mode with continuous pulse measurement

-Battery: rechargeable 273 mAh Li-pole battery (lithium polymer)

-Armband size S + M/L (wrist scope 130–210 mm), both sizes included in the scope of delivery

-Bracelet material: silicone; Lip, buttons and clasps made of stainless steel

-Weight: 40 g with bracelet, 23 g without a bracelet

Long battery life with different energy savings options

Thanks to the improved, long battery life and numerous energy -saving options, even long training sessions are not a problem. The new GPS running watch enables up to 35 hours of continuous training. Due to various energy -saving options, this value can be increased even further.

Additional training functions of the Polar Pacer GPS sports watch for humans:

The Polar Pacer is a GPS training computer with the latest pulse measurement on the wrist. Ideal for running, cross and fitness training as well as an active, everyday sporting life.

Sport without disturbing chest strap: The optical pulse measurement takes place through the precision precision Prime sensor fusion technology with 4 LEDs specially developed by Polar directly on the wrist. This innovation combines the optical pulse measurement with a skin contact measurement in order to exclude any movement artifacts in the measurement that could disturb the pulse signal and lead to unreliable measurements. In this way, the pulse is precisely measured even under the most demanding conditions, in every training situation and during the most demanding training sessions.

Note for horse training: The optical pulse measurement on the wrist switches off automatically as soon as the Pacer heart rate signals of your horse gets over the external horse transmitter.

The advanced polar smart coaching functions are fully designed for fitness, cross training and running. Whether it is about the assessment of your daily fitness level, the creation of individual training plans, training with the right intensity or immediate feedback, smart coaching offers you a number of unique, user-friendly heart frequency functions that tailor and to maximum Training fun and a maximum of motivation are designed. Polar Pacer offers the following polar smart coaching functions:

-Running programs for 5, 10, 21 and 42 km including personalized training plans

-Energy sources (subdivision of energy consumption into carbohydrates, protein and fats)

-Training Load Pro

-Fitspark daily, personal training instructions

-Sleep plus stages sleep tracking (rem, light and deep sleep)

-Nightly Design Recreation Analysis

-Guided breathing exercise Serene

-Walking test

-Fitness test

-Running performance test

-Running programs including personalized training plans

-24/7 intelligent pulse measurement & activity tracking

-Running Index: estimate VO2 max.

-Smart Calories

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Polar Equine Pacer Ride GPS sports watch Schwarz + H10 station for equestrian sports

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