Protective vest homologated with level 3, especially for children.

Protects the entire thorax, the back and the lower part of the spine.

25 mm padding thickness.

Closure on the sides and shoulders with velcro.

Color blue.

The thorax 4602CP protective vest (2107730) is tested in Protective Research Facility, Cambridge according to EN 13158 (protective vests for riders) and the BETA 2000.

Achieving an approval of LEVEL 3, that is, it has a high level of protection which means that it is appropriate for situations of high risk of falling.

The protective vest can be worn alone or with other types of clothing.

The vest protects, against a fall of your horse, the central part of the back from the waist to the neck, preventing a possible injury to the rider's spine; without being able to guarantee total protection.

The protective vest can prevent an injury to the spine but cannot guarantee that there is no injury to a very sharp fall but it can prevent and reduce the injury.

* Size BS: Chest 60 cm contour. to 66 cm., Waist contour of 58 cm. to 64 cm and Height from waist to shoulder of 60 cm. to 66 cm.

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