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Bens & Eicke Beeswas - Leather Balsam 8-12 Days

Bens & Eicke Beeswas - Leather Balsam

To care for all kinds of smooth leather. Makes the leather soft, supple, waterproof and durable. The..

10.50€ Ex Tax: 8.47€

Bens & Eicke saddle soap with sponge

Thorough cleaning for leather. Moisturizing saddle soap with glycerin. Cleans, feeds and conserves s..

10.50€ Ex Tax: 8.47€

Leather Grease

- regular maintenance will keep the leather supple,water-resistant and striking shine-Preserves the ..

8.35€ Ex Tax: 6.73€

Saddle Soap Bar

- contains a combination of fats developed on a native base, that covers leather with a protecting a..

8.10€ Ex Tax: 6.53€


Dyes any leather deep black permanently. For refreshing black leather. The colour of unsightly leath..

11.50€ Ex Tax: 9.27€

Wintec-Saddle-Cleaner 8-12 Days


Wintec Saddle Cleaner is a scientifically formulated solution that ensures your synthetic saddle and..

14.95€ Ex Tax: 12.06€