Dogs Complementary feed

Dogs Complementary feed
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CANIPUR - arthrofit

ApplicationCANIPUR - arthrofit contains as feed supplement a unique blend of nutritive and active in..

36.85€ Ex Tax: 29.72€

CANIPUR - carotin

CANIPUR - carotin is a feed supplement containing highly concentrated skin protecting vitamins and p..

20.90€ Ex Tax: 16.85€

CANIPUR - fertil

CANIPUR - fertil is a feed supplement containing the vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino ac..

27.80€ Ex Tax: 22.42€

CANIPUR - gravid

CANIPUR - gravid is a feed supplement which guarantees comprehensive and well-balanced nutrient supp..

27.50€ Ex Tax: 22.18€

CANIPUR - multibiotin

CANIPUR - multibiotin increases epidermal elasticity and resistance, strengthens and protects the co..

36.85€ Ex Tax: 29.72€