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Antique Show Snaffle Bit 8-12 Days

Antique Show Snaffle Bit

- complex silver ornament- with copper inlays- engraved fittings..

49.30€ Ex Tax: 39.76€

Billy Allen Bit SILVER 8-12 Days

Billy Allen Bit SILVER

Ø 1,2 cmdecorated stainless steel shanks (22 cm)lower part: 14 cmstainless steel mouthpiece with cop..

67.70€ Ex Tax: 54.60€


Classic driving whip, black body, brown leather handle and silver Coloured fittings.Colour: blackBow..

19.90€ Ex Tax: 16.05€

Chin Strap 8-12 Days
Curb Chain Double 8-12 Days

Curb Chain Double

- quality leather- strong fittings..

10.45€ Ex Tax: 8.43€

D-Ring Snaffle - Billy Allen 8-12 Days

D-Ring Snaffle - Billy Allen

- stainless steel- with copper inlays..

28.30€ Ex Tax: 22.82€

D-Ring Snaffle Single Joint 8-12 Days

D-Ring Snaffle Single Joint

- anti-rust- stainless steel- thickness of the bit: 1,4 cm..

26.20€ Ex Tax: 21.13€

Decoration For Horse's Neck

- 100% polypropylene..

13.60€ Ex Tax: 10.97€

Ear Plugs POMMS 8-12 Days

Ear Plugs POMMS

specially developed to allow the horse to hear normal tones, while greatly reducing distracting or l..

25.50€ Ex Tax: 20.56€


The Waldhausen synthetic general purpose saddle made of synthetic, easy-care material with exchangea..

250.00€ Ex Tax: 201.61€

Gloves made of nappa leather

- breathable- non-slip- durable and hard wearing- nappa leather- reinforced fingers for better grip..

34.60€ Ex Tax: 27.90€

Horn Bag - Western 8-12 Days

Horn Bag - Western

- calf leather..

94.45€ Ex Tax: 76.17€

Icelandic Saddle -Basic-

- leather saddle- woolfilled saddle pads- cushioned knee rolls- long dressage flap - short girt..

289.95€ Ex Tax: 233.83€

Leather Head Collar - Show 8-12 Days

Leather Head Collar - Show

- quality leather- elaborate silver ornament- strong silver coloured fittings..

62.95€ Ex Tax: 50.77€


3 slots, stainless steel, incl.curb chainThickness: 16 mm Upper cheek bar: 6 cm, Lower cheek ba..

52.50€ Ex Tax: 42.34€

Mouth Closer 8-12 Days

Mouth Closer

- quality leather- strong fittings..

27.25€ Ex Tax: 21.98€

Race Cavesson Noseband

Made from Zilco's woven webbing, coated with a co-polymer. This material offers wonderful ease of ma..

27.60€ Ex Tax: 22.26€

Reins Extra Thick Leather 5mm 8-12 Days

Reins Extra Thick Leather 5mm

- quality leather..

70.30€ Ex Tax: 56.69€

Rope Halter

- 100% polypropylene- adjustable for great fit..

7.30€ Ex Tax: 5.89€

Rope Halter - Arizona 8-12 Days

Rope Halter - Arizona

- 100% polypropylene- adjustable for great fit..

15.70€ Ex Tax: 12.66€

Rope Halter Padded In Stock / Delivery 1 to 3 days

Rope Halter Padded

- 100% polypropylene- thick padding- adjustable for great fit..

7.30€ Ex Tax: 5.89€

Saddle BOSTON Pre-Order


Modern jumping saddle with best features to support a balanced jumping seat with close and effective..

1,669.00€ Ex Tax: 1,345.97€

Saddle BRYCE

American leatherrawhide covered fiberglass tree with wooden reinforcementfull quarter horse barsmedi..

1,040.00€ Ex Tax: 838.71€

Saddle Cover Western 8-12 Days

Saddle Cover Western

- dirt resistant- prevents abrasions- machine washable at 30 degrees- suitable for dryer..

15.70€ Ex Tax: 12.66€