Therapeutic Horse Riding

Therapeutic Horse Riding
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Soft riding pad with fixed stirrup leathers and stirrups. Supplied with girth. Additional ring for s..

83.95€ Ex Tax: 67.70€

Bit Connector - Nylon

- attaches to bit rings- swivel fixture..

8.40€ Ex Tax: 6.77€

Cavesson Leather- Anatomic 8-12 Days

Cavesson Leather- Anatomic

The anatomical cut provides much greater freedom for the ears and cheekbone as well. Very softly pad..

94.95€ Ex Tax: 76.57€

Cavesson- Nylon 8-12 Days

Cavesson- Nylon

Hard-wearing nylon material. Best fit and thickly padded to protect the sensitive bridge.CavessonInd..

47.20€ Ex Tax: 38.06€

Cavesson-Leather 8-12 Days


High quality leather, best workmanship and comfortable wear. Perfect attachment possibilties. Can be..

83.95€ Ex Tax: 67.70€

Doublelunge 8-12 Days


With round plaited front parts in nylon, which run easily through the guide pulley (guide pulley not..

33.60€ Ex Tax: 27.10€

Doublelunge - Premium ,18m

- soft material- with snap clip- 4 deflection rollers- 3 meters nylon cord each- divisible in the mi..

52.45€ Ex Tax: 42.30€

Doublelunge - Soft ,18m

- soft material- with snap clip..

34.60€ Ex Tax: 27.90€

Draw Reins

- calf leather- silver coloured fittings..

41.95€ Ex Tax: 33.83€

Leather Side Reins With Elasticated Insert

- quality leather- snap clips- silver coloured fittings- elasticated insert..

31.95€ Ex Tax: 25.77€

Lunge Lead Brite Pre-Order

Lunge Lead Brite

This extra soft lunge rein is tough yet comfortable to use. Economically priced and available in two..

14.95€ Ex Tax: 12.06€

Lunge Line - Soft

- extra soft- best quality- brass coloured fittings..

10.45€ Ex Tax: 8.43€

Lunge line -Limoni-

- 100% polyester- soft material- with snap clip- strong fittings- good grip..

17.80€ Ex Tax: 14.35€

Lunge Rein Acrylic Pre-Order

Lunge Rein Acrylic

Very soft, light, flat acrylic webbing with a ribbed weave for comfort and grip. The Zinc Diecast cl..

24.95€ Ex Tax: 20.12€

Lunge Rein Deluxe Pre-Order

Lunge Rein Deluxe

The thickly padded, two tone weave construction of this lunge rein makes lungeing softer on the hand..

39.95€ Ex Tax: 32.22€

Lunge Rein Polypropylene Pre-Order

Lunge Rein Polypropylene

Polypropylene webbing lunge rein with nickel plated snap. A lightweight and economical alternative. ..

7.95€ Ex Tax: 6.41€

Lunge roller -Canvas- with handle -15% Pre-Order

Lunge roller -Canvas- with handle

- billets made of leather- canvas material- roller buckles..

52.95€ 45.00€ Ex Tax: 36.29€

Lunge Roller With Handle Pre-Order

Lunge Roller With Handle

- non-slip- billets made of leather- canvas material- roller buckles..

49.95€ Ex Tax: 40.28€

Lunge Roller- Nylon 8-12 Days

Lunge Roller- Nylon

13 rings help to manage lunging when lunging with two lines, and enable different positions for the ..

68.20€ Ex Tax: 55.00€

Lunge Roller- Soft 8-12 Days

Lunge Roller- Soft

Hardwearing nylon material,softly padded with thick teddy fleece. With 13 rings, buckled on both sid..

47.20€ Ex Tax: 38.06€

Lunge Roller- with handle 8-12 Days

Lunge Roller- with handle

Leather covered handle for safe lunging with children, for optimum body contact without a saddle. St..

44.10€ Ex Tax: 35.56€

Lunge Roller-Leather 8-12 Days

Lunge Roller-Leather

Leather surcingle - 13 rings allow for individual arrangement of the lunge line: also ideal for doub..

115.45€ Ex Tax: 93.10€

Lunging Halter- Economic 8-12 Days

Lunging Halter- Economic

Light, hard-wearing Lunging Halter made of nylon material. Softly padded at the sensitive bridge of ..

23.10€ Ex Tax: 18.63€

Lunging Halter- Rose 8-12 Days

Lunging Halter- Rose

Light, durable lunging halter in nylon webbing. Adjustable at headpiece, chin and throat straps. Sof..

26.20€ Ex Tax: 21.13€