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250L Treble Wheelbarrow Pre-Order

250L Treble Wheelbarrow

From a robust and durable galvanized sheet.With a subversion system to make it easier to discharge t..

390.00€ Ex Tax: 314.52€

Bens & Eicke saddle soap with sponge

Thorough cleaning for leather. Moisturizing saddle soap with glycerin. Cleans, feeds and conserves s..

10.50€ Ex Tax: 8.47€

Bizzy Ball 8-12 Days

Bizzy Ball

Bizzy Ball with patented wing design and our innovative aromatherapy sponges infused with peppermint..

41.95€ Ex Tax: 33.83€

Bizzy Lick 8-12 Days

Bizzy Lick

Available in three flavours to put in the Bizzy Horse Balls (1571031)  for hours of mental stim..

13.60€ Ex Tax: 10.97€

Brass Bridle Hook 8-12 Days

Brass Bridle Hook

- height approx. 12,0 cm, width approx. 8,5 cm..

20.95€ Ex Tax: 16.90€

Brass Bridle Hook - Horse Head 8-12 Days

Brass Bridle Hook - Horse Head

- height approx. 14,5 cm, width approx.5,5 cm..

25.15€ Ex Tax: 20.28€

Brass Bridle Hook - Hufeisen 8-12 Days

Brass Bridle Hook - Hufeisen

- height approx. 12 cm..

23.05€ Ex Tax: 18.59€

Brize Healthy Stables

Brize is an absorbing hygiene product for a healthy stable climate.Composition:a mixture of seaweed ..

38.50€ Ex Tax: 31.05€

Calf collar

• Leather reinforced collar with buckle and oval link, approx. 85 cm x 4 cm..

7.00€ Ex Tax: 5.65€

CARABINER In Stock / Delivery 1 to 3 days


Length: 9 cmWeight: ca. 90 g..

2.40€ Ex Tax: 1.94€

Carrot Ball 8-12 Days

Carrot Ball

The Waldhausen Carrot Ball effectively prevents any boredom in the stable, whether on box rest or in..

24.95€ Ex Tax: 20.12€

Cattle collar

• Leather reinforced collar with buckle, D-ring and oval link, 130 x 4 cm..

9.50€ Ex Tax: 7.66€

Cereal bowl- Winner New 8-12 Days

Cereal bowl- Winner

- made in Germany- made of food-safe plastic- height 13 cm, diameter 30 cm- capacity: 2L and 5 L..

7.95€ Ex Tax: 6.41€

Clipper Profi 220V, 350W 8-12 Days

Clipper Profi 220V, 350W

- clipper head- horse clippers- with screwdriver- cleaning brush- incl. 6 meter cable- quiet powerfu..

199.45€ Ex Tax: 160.85€

Clipper Profi battery

- cleaning brush- including one extra battery- battery life ca. 60-90 min.- charging time approx. 2-..

62.95€ Ex Tax: 50.77€

Clothing Bib 8-12 Days

Clothing Bib

Strong plastic, buckles to head collar. Hygienic, easy to clean...

20.95€ Ex Tax: 16.90€


The perfect fit ensures an ideal effectThe anatomically moulded part conforms to the horse"s throat ..

39.95€ Ex Tax: 32.22€


The digital feed scoop can be used to measure different types of animal feed and supplements. For th..

15.90€ Ex Tax: 12.82€

Drinking bowl - model 12P -16% In Stock / Delivery 1 to 3 days

Drinking bowl - model 12P

• Large high qualtity plastic drinking bowl• Smoothly running pipe valve for a calm water flow• For ..

62.75€ 52.75€ Ex Tax: 42.54€

Drinking bowl POLYFLEX -14% Out Of Stock

Drinking bowl POLYFLEX

• Drinking bowl made of extremely solid and flexible plastic• Smooth-running tube valve or pressure ..

72.65€ 62.65€ Ex Tax: 50.52€