High quality & easily digestible foal milk

As a complete replacement for mare's milk

If the mare's milk output is insufficient

With skimmed milk and whey powder

With A, D3, E and B vitamins

SALVANA FOHLENMILCH serves as a full substitute for the mare's milk and is used if the mare's milk yield is insufficient or insufficient.

Trouble-free rearing is also possible with motherless suckling foals. SALVANA FOHLENMILCH contains i.a. high quality and easily digestible components.

This product meets all the requirements and difficulties of foal nutrition.

Its composition is very similar to that of mare's milk.

Both have roughly the same protein, fat and lactose levels. However, SALVANA FOHLENMILCH is significantly higher in the content of essential vitamins and minerals.

The following properties also characterize SALVANA FOHLENMILCH

Skimmed milk powder of the highest biological value

Dextrose with quickly usable energy

selected, easily digestible, purely vegetable fats

essential vital substances such as mineral and trace element compounds

The full range of vitamins (A, D3, E, B complex)

VLOG tested - without genetic engineering

Practice has shown that SALVANA FOHLENMILCH and the early use of SALVANA FOHLENSTARTER are able to give the foal all the prerequisites that are necessary for a harmonious development and the full training of the inherited systems.

Practical tip:

To be on the safe side, stock up with a SALVANA FOAL MILK emergency pack (3 kg bucket) before the foal is born. If the SALVANA FOHLENMILCH is not used, you can also feed it to build up the mare.

In addition, SALVANA FOHLENMILCH has proven to be excellent for feeding sick horses with a nasogastric tube or as a drinker if solid food cannot be consumed during the illness.

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